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Pixel car racer mod apk is a racing game. In this game, we have to drag race with other cars. It is all about crazy racing. There are many cars with different kinds of power and speed. Just pick a powerful and fast car to win in a drag race. If you are fond of collecting cars then this game is for you. Because in this game you can collect different cars. Moreover, you can customize them too. It will give them a unique look. The game is very realistic due to the engine sound of cars and physics.

Pixel Car Racer Game Overview

You will never get bored with the game because you can use many cars with different styles and qualities. There are many locations and levels to complete. So you will enjoy it very well. It is developed by Studio Furukua. It is rated for ages more than 3 years because it is just a racing game. It’s free from all sorts of violence. Therefore good for little children. There are over 10 Million downloads of this game all over the world. The game is only about 77 MB in space so very easy to download too. The game is free to download. So get it to download and enjoy your rides. Bee Swarm Simulator toys are available now at Walmart Supercenters which has 1 million+ positive appreciations!

Features of Pixel Car Racer APK 

Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk
Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk

The amazing features of the game are as follows:

Free to download: 

There are many games on playstore that are nice but not free to download. Gamers hate paid games because most of them are not rich to get them. They need all games for free. Therefore paid games have fewer downloads in comparison to free games. Luckily this game is completely free to download. If you want to get it then go to playstore and find it. Then get it downloaded for free. There is no need to spend real money for getting the game. Download Bike Race Mod Apk fully unlocked premium version for free. Enjoy Roblox Realistic Gameplay from APKPure that you haven’t seen anywhere before.

Easy controls: 

Controls are very important for any game. If a game has very good graphics but bad controls then it’s just a failure. Because gamers like those games that have good controls. Controls matter a lot in any game.  The good thing about this game is that it has very smooth controls. It is rated for ages more than 3 years so little children can also understand the controls too. It is the best feature of the game.

A lot of cars: 

This game is really fun due to the huge variety of cars. There are over 100 cars in-game. Just get them and take them on track. You can get a car from every famous brand. Moreover, you can get and install engine parts to enhance the power of the car. You will never get bored by the cars available in-game. This is one of the best features of the game. More cars mean more fun. Just download it and enjoy all cars.

About Pixel Car Racer Mod APK 

Pixel car racer mod apk is the modified version of the game. There are many features that are not available in the original version of the game are present in it. Gamers want all features to win easily. But in order to get all features, you have to get prime first. It is not free to get prime. Therefore most gamers don’t get it. They need all features and items for free. But they are not interested in spending money on prime. They need all features for free by hook or crook. There is a shortcut for it you will all items for free. Just download mod apk file of the game. Then all hidden features will be unlocked for free. There will be no need to spend real money on games. If you like fighting game, you must download Konoha Training Apk and Sarada Training Apk unlocked for free.

Features of Pixel Car Racer Mod APK 

The salient features of mod apk file are as follows:

Full upgrades: 

The game is all about racing. For winning every race your car must be upgraded. Everyone wants to fully tune the cars to win. But it is not easy to get a full upgrade of your car. It takes some time because you have to collect parts for cars. Gamers hate waiting for it. They need full upgrades in a short time. Just download mod apk file of the game then all cars will be fully upgraded. Then you will easily win the game.

Unlimited coins: 

The game currency is very important. If you have more coins or diamonds in form of game currency then it will be very easy for you to win. But it is not so easy to get a lot of coins. Because you have to play the game several times to get many coins. It will take some time to be done. The gamers want unlimited coins in a short time. Just download mod apk file of the game then you will get unlimited coins for free. There is no need to spend real money or hard work for coins. Get unlimited coins and use them in the shop to get many parts and cars.

No ads: 

All games show ads in them. They are an integral part of the game. But gamers hate such ads. They want to remove ads to enjoy more. Such ads are very annoying for gamers. They disturb them during the gameplay. Everyone wants to remove ads. But it is not easy to do so. You have to get prime by spending money. Players hate to spend real money on features. They look for all features for free. So download mod apk file of the game then all ads will be removed for free in just a blink of an eye. March of Empires Mod Apk

Winning tips for Pixel Car Racer Mod APK 

  • Keep playing the game several times.
  • Get yourself familiar with the game.
  • Upgrade your cars to win easily.
  • Select the fastest car for racing.
  • Keep calm and focus on the race to win.
  • Install best engine parts to make your car fly.
  • Play smartly and try to win every game.
  • The key to winning is to keep upgrading your cars.
  • Download mod apk file of the game.
  • It will provide you with all features for free.
  • In this way, you will win every single game.

Players Reviews

  • ” This is a great game. I have been playing for 2 or 3 years now, and am glad that the game got the first update on a year or 2 in January. This is a great game if you like pixel graphics, cool cars & mods, and drag racing. I would recommend this to anyone who likes cars because of the wide range of cars and what you can do with them. Great game, can’t wait for the next update! I have 1 problem, the daily reward button either won’t work, or it will take minutes to load if the button works.”
  • ” It is good and very realistic but it would be better if there was a tutorial on everything like what the gear ratio does and psi on a turbo makes a difference on and all that stuff. And a story mode would be very cool and exciting and a tutorial in those first few levels would suffice. But I love the game other than that”

Download guide for pixel car racer Mod APK 

Step 1: 

Search the mod apk file in the search bar.

Step 2: 

Click on install to start downloading of mod file.

Step 3: 

While mod file is being downloaded-go to the device settings and allow continue downloading.

Step 4: 

After enabling click on downloaded files and installation will be done in a few seconds so wait for it.

Step 5: 

Now just check for installed apps on the device. Click on the game icon to start the game. Now enjoy all features for free.

Download guide for pc

Pixel car racer apk is an android game but it can be also played on pc too. There are many players who only like to play all games on pc. They hate little screens of android devices. Moreover, pc has very good controls too. The majority of gamers like to play games on pc. So if you want to play the game on your pc. Then first of all download the android emulator. They are responsible to run all android games on pc. There are many android emulators but bluestacks is the best among them. So download it for free then search the game in it. Click on install to start downloading the game. It will take some time to wait for it. After it is downloaded search it in the search bar of pc. Click on the game icon to start the game. Now keep enjoying the game on big screen of pc.

FAQs about pixel car racer Mod APK 

How are the controls? 

The controls of the game are very easy. All you need to do is just adjust the speed of the car to win the race. There are just two buttons for racing.

How much space does it require? 

It is an offline game with little size. It is only about 77 MB in space so easily downloadable.

Can we play it on pc? 

Yes! We can play this android game on pc too. Just download bluestacks then it will be possible to play the game on pc too.

Is the mod version safe to Download?

Yes, the pixel car racer mod apk version is totally free to download and does not contain any malware.


Pixel car racing apk is a racing game. In this game, we have to take part in drag races. It is a very challenging game. There are many levels and missions to do. Moreover, we can select and upgrade many cars. It is a very addictive game due to its features and gameplay. The controls of the game are very smooth and easy. It is all about racing there are over 100 cars available in it. Select wisely and win the race with your favorite car. Download it for free and keep enjoying it.

What's new

- Removed Ads
- Updated to 64bit
- Widescreen support
- Bug fixes and optimizations


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