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My Little Universe MOD APK has simple graphics, accessible gameplay, but the happy feeling it brings is very much.
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God created everything in 7 working days. And you, if you have the power to build and create all things, how long will it take you to make this planet? Let’s try My Little Universe MOD APK to see how powerful you are.

Create a prosperous country on behalf of God!


The planet you are controlling, because of an incident, is no longer suitable for habitation. You boarded the airship to find a new place to live. The spacecraft landed on an empty blue planet surrounded by only green color with only 2 trees. In your hand, you only had a rudimentary tool. Your task is to pick up a hoe, cut trees, collect wood, and start building your world. If you like fighting game, you must download Konoha Training Apk and Sarada Training Apk unlocked for free.

The game is small, the image is simple, the gameplay is easy to approach, but the happiness it brings is not normal at all.

Tools for building

Taking a responsibility to build the world from the beginning, you are challenged by many things. You usually only have in your hand unexpected primitive tools, such as pickaxes, axes, hammers, etc. If you like Football Games, download Mini Football MOD APK with unlimited diamonds, Gold and money. If you want to learn new languages, try Beelinguapp MOD APK Pro Unlocked.

But luckily, on this new planet, there are many useful things for you to exploit and build everything you want freely: on the ground are trees for wood, underground are resources of endless stone, in caves are millions of tons of fossil metal. Each type has different effects and is used in different projects. Direct link download Moe Ninja Girls MOD APK and homecraft mod apk from here.

The game has a total of 15 different types of resources. Resources and tools are limited, but labor and creativity are boundless. Make a plan, shape in your head the construction direction, and then persistently pursue it. Then make appropriate modifications when needed. You will gradually change the shape of the whole planet on your own. From a lonely blue planet, now many things have grown, such as neighborhoods, trees, mountains, houses, residential areas, towns… all are clearly arranged, neat, and super beautiful. Download Hacked City Mania MOD APK (Unlimited Gold + Money) and My Little Universe Mod Apk.

To create a perfect planet, you also must do everything perfectly, starting from the smallest things to the biggest feats. Cut trees, get wood, dig stones, mine metal ores, make new tools, smelt metals, build houses, build processing zones, and build residential clusters… Get Dark Sword MOD APK and Zynga Poker Mod Apk from

When building the planet, you will in turn open a series of businesses, expand settlements, and exploit empty islands. The exploration and construction will not only be carried out in one place but gradually extend endlessly. Get Iron Blade MOD APK and War Dragons Mod Apk with unlimited money and rubies.

Fight to protect the planet

Where there is life, there is growth. Where there is growth, there is competition. You should constantly be busy building and expanding residence on the new planet, but you must not neglect to protect your achievements. At some point, the enemy will appear and continuously attack the beautiful buildings you have just created. They are primitive monsters; their purpose is to destroy everywhere to stop your creative process.

The task will now become more stressful than ever. It is no longer just to build and admire what you get. You will fight and often have to roll your eyes around the planet to keep your planet safe from any attack from the enemy.

Endless abundance

My Little Universe offers 8 different levels corresponding to the productivity and difficulty of the construction. What all these levels have in common is this: resources are always limited. So, the challenge is how you can balance the resources and use them properly and reasonably for each project so that you can still build as many as you want while the resources are still not exhausted.

My Little Universe also has up to 10 different environments so that any skilled or novice player can show off their talents. These environments are not simply different in color but are completely different in terms of resources and resource allocation, and the enemies or obstacles on the way are also different. Each environment is a new experience. You should play this game; you will only love and be passionate about it more and more. Download Word War Heroes MOD APK hacked version. Get Tempest Pirate Action Rpg Mod Apk free.

Above all, there is a feeling of joy when looking at construction results. Through many tectonic efforts, from a bare planet, it has become a place that is worth living with lots of colors and interesting buildings. Anyone who has played it may know, this happiness can compare to the feeling of having a special ability or suddenly becoming the Creator of everything. Download High Sea Saga MOD APK and Transformers Earth Wars Mod Apk for free.

MOD APK version of My Little Universe

MOD feature

Unlimited Resources


Increase when you spend.

Download My Little Universe APK & MOD for Android

My Little Universe from SayGames Ltd is a casual game with a pretty good idea. It is so funny and entertaining with a moderate pace, cute colors, and cool images. After playing, I feel as great as a God creator. Those of you who are curious to know how to create a world, download My Little Universe to play right at the link below.


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