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Let’s download Dead Trigger Mod APK from WinnerAPK to get unlimited money. It will enable the players to shoot the zombies freely due to unlimited ammo.
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Let’s download Dead Trigger Mod APK from WinnerAPK to get unlimited money. It will enable the players to shoot the zombies freely due to unlimited ammo. Action-packed, adventurous, and violent games have become quite famous among online gamers nowadays. When we talk about violent games, the zombie survival genre has its own fan base. Several games have been developed based on the zombie apocalypse.

Dead Trigger APK is one of the finest action games by MADFINGER Games that includes the survival components in a magnificent Zombie theme. Basically, Dead trigger is a role-playing game that helps you in surviving in the mid-way of a pandemic. Moreover, the mod version enables you to stay, encounter, and help the survivors. Madfinger Games also developed SHADOWGUN LEGENDS, DEAD TRIGGER 2, Unkilled, SHADOWGUN WAR GAMES, MONZO, SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE, SAMURAI and Shadowgun Deadzone.

Dead Trigger Mod APK

This specific game provides the players with an excellent game experience with brilliant gameplay. When you are living in a Zombie, you have to battle against the zombies to survive yourself. In role-playing games, Dead Trigger becomes your number one choice. If you like Indian Music, try Gaana Music MOD APK (Plus Unlocked, No Ads). Do you want to wake up early in the morning and having problem? Alarmy MOD APK app can solve your problem. You will begin the game from a location where you will approach a place that spans the region of ​​activity. Stretch your gang to other regions where zombies are uncontrolled. The most vital aim of the mission is to obliterate the undead, collect parcels, an emergency escape, and numerous other thrilling tasks. But not all tasks include the slaughtering of a throng of zombies like a champion. Several missions want the player to find the components of furtiveness and intellectual policy.


A dreadful pandemic occurred all over the world in 2012. It transformed the human race into undead and assailed other individuals to go on with spreading the virus. The rate of this wave spread extremely quickly and overpowered all medicinal and military talent of countries around the earth. Zombies have created several new species with great strength. Everybody has become a zombie, leaving just a small number of human survivors.

At the beginning of the game, you will play the character of an individual who has awakened from an extended slumber. You are frightened after witnessing that the earth has developed into a dead planet with abundant zombies everywhere. Now you will travel around in the game and discover your allies, and your companions will start your ride by setting up the den. You will travel through 33 countries and 600 scenes. Battle with zombies, discover the origin and cure for this worldwide outbreak.

Features of Dead Trigger Mod APK


Dead Trigger has a fictional plot. This game was released on June 26, 2012. You will see a scientific approach in this game. The failure of scientific experiments can cause adversity in the world. Moreover, there is also the establishment of No Hope for anti-zombie alliance and armed corporations. This ‘No Hope’ can be failed due to a quick boost and expansion of Zombie strain.

As an experienced player of No Hope, you will fail at various stages. Sometimes, you will be lucky to survive the attack of zombies. Therefore, you need to build an alliance with the anti-zombies communities to fight the zombies.

The Hideout anti-zombie organization includes experienced players. Can The Hideout damage and save the track of the car in No Hope? Let’s explore everything in this blog post.


In Dead Trigger Mod APK Version, two players will be part of six important players in The Hideout group. These players will play the role of Engineer, Tech, Medic, Gunman, Gunsmith, and Smuggler. Moreover, Gunman is an important character in this game.

As a Gunman, your crucial task will be saving the trapped people and attacking the giant Zombies. Moreover, you have to collect materials and resources according to your requirements.

There is a straightforward character manipulation in this Dead Trigger Modded Version. The mechanism of shooting allows you to target your task with easy and flexible movement.

It’s a fact that an automatic mechanism is very simple to complete the different levels with excellent skills. Moreover, these levels require the players to point and fire themselves.

This first-person shooting game includes various features such as horror, role-playing, and survival. Moreover, you can move to a wider area to play this game and kill the zombies in various ways. You can also use bombs to destroy the zombies within a few seconds. In the city center, zombies are the most powerful and it’s become difficult for you to fight zombies.

Several Modes

You can choose a mode to play this game with respect to your game storyline. Moreover, you can play Dead Trigger in the desired direction to take part in unlimited matches. There are more than ten modes to explore in different events.

You can take part in four various rescue modes for the survivors. There are many players who aren’t capable of fighting aggressive zombies. So, you will become the last hope. You can go into dangerous areas to rescue the victims.

You also get immense rewards equal to your performance on winning a game. As the game progress, you will get several weapons and premium features in this game. Moreover, you will get utilizable items and money through participation in casinos. You can download Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK to continue the fight with Zombies.


There are the most useful weapons such as guns to use against zombies. Moreover, they have enough power to destroy the enemies without giving them a chance to catch you.

Downloading Dead Trigger Mod APK is providing the players with exceptional weapons. The guns include Striker, Colt 1911, Minigun, or Scorpion. 

Brain Mill and Chainsaw are the best choices if you like melee weapons. Moreover, this game is also including bombs and melee weapons such as mines grenades, blades, radars, and laser-mounted guns.


Download Dead Trigger Mod APK to enjoy the 3D graphics. These graphics consist of realistic, sharp, and high-quality images. Moreover, graphics are epic and smoother to provide an exceptional visual experience.

There is always flexibility to set Dead Trigger Graphics according to your requirements to achieve the best gaming experience. However, you must have an excellent device to play this game smoothly.

Exceptional Game Features

  • Award-winning shooting game
  • Action game for killing zombies
  • Availability of various ways for getting rid of the horde
  • Quick gun loading and firing flexibility
  • Exceptional online service

Dead Trigger Mod Features

Let’s have a look at the Mod Features of Dead Trigger Mod Version:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked several characters
  • Access to the exceptional weapons
  • No interruption of Ads
  • Free Shopping
  • No requirement for internet
  • Unlimited Bullets and Ammo
  • Unlimited Damage, Health, Gold, Diamond

Download Dead Trigger Mod APK 

Dead Trigger is a fast-growing game around the world. The danger is always looking for you because of zombies’ continuous appearance. Therefore, you require a few minutes for rest after fighting for a longer time. The elegant gameplay and excellent graphics are making this game favorite of every player. Download Dead Trigger Mod APK from our website immediately to enjoy this game with your friends.

Installation Guide For Dead Trigger Game

After downloading Dead Trigger APK Mod File, you must follow the installation process as given below:

  • Right-click on the APK file from the folder
  • Tap on the installation button
  • The installation process for Dead Trigger can take up to a few seconds
  • Once installation is completed, you can open this game to enjoy the latest version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I play Dead Trigger Offline?

Yes, you can play the Dead trigger game offline and online because it provides flexibility for both modes.

Q2: Can I play Dead Trigger Game on my PC?

Yes, you can download and install this game on your PC to enjoy the best gaming experience.

Q3: What is the latest version of Dead Trigger?

In 2022, 2.0.3 is the latest available version for our users to enjoy the newest premium features.

Q4: What are Android requirements for the latest version of the game?

The Android requirement is 5.0 and up for the latest version of the game.

Q5: How can I download the Dead Trigger Modded Version?

You can download the Dead Version Mod APK version from our website

Q6: Is the Mod APK file of Dead Trigger harmful for my device?

No, this Mod APK file is not harmful to your device because our team has tested this file before uploading it to


Madfinger Games is known for developing games for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Basically, this FPS game is aiming to kill the zombies. Dead Trigger is the most famous game in terms of gameplay and generation of great revenue.

The expert gamers rate this game as the best zombie FPS game for both iOS and Android users. Moreover, you can also play this game on your desktop. Moreover, this game is available free for gamers to follow the excellent storyline. The player will have only a shotgun and wrench to survive when the player faces the zombies in the city.

This brilliant game has a magnificent interface, eye-catchy graphics, attractive animation, and glorious gameplay. There is more than six hundreds mission waiting for players to test their skills. So, you can enjoy every mission of Dead Trigger Mod APK.

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