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Dead Target Mod Apk (unlimited money) is a zombie apocalypse game where you have to kill zombies with a variety of weapons while avoiding being killed yourself.

Are you a fan of first-person shooter games? If so, then Dead Target Mod Apk is the perfect game for you. The zombies are coming and you better be ready! Show off what guns can do from classic rifles to all the way lethal weapons. You have to stay alive while fighting endless crowds of these shambling creatures.

Dead Target MOD APK

In this action-packed zombie shooting game, players have to fight off waves of zombies and protect their base from being overrun. There are over 100 missions available in the story mode that will keep gamers busy for hours on end. You play as a zombie hunter tasked with eliminating zombies from the city. You’ll have to fight your way through hordes of bloodthirsty zombies and face off against powerful bosses in order to save yourself and humanity.

As you progress, better guns will be available that will help you take down stronger enemies. With stunning graphics and gameplay mechanics similar to other popular FPS games, it’s no wonder why game has been downloaded by millions of people all around the world. We also have messengers like Signal MOD APK private and premium file. In case you want to download premium VPN, try Snap VPN Mod Apk for android.


If you are a fan of zombie-killing games, then Dead Target Mod Apk for you. In the game, players must defend themselves from zombies while eliminating them to earn points and money. The more zombies an individual kills, the higher their score will be. Players can purchase new weapons using currency earned in missions or by purchasing it with real cash.

In addition to the main storyline mode, there is a survival mode where players have unlimited lives against endless waves of enemies until their health reaches zero from being shot at or attacked by zombies which makes this one of the most popular zombie games available today.

The game has three main types of enemies: small ones that take only one shot to kill; medium-sized ones that take two shots; and large ones that require about five shots to bring. With over 100 million downloads, players have been able to try out different weapon combinations and play through multiple levels that include cities and laboratories. You can also download unlimited games from Google Play Games free and premium files. Download makeup app Perfect365 MOD Apk VIP unlocked.

Features of Game:

Dead Target apk is an intense shooter game that will keep you on your toes. This popular action game features unlimited diamonds, money, realistic graphics, complex gameplay, and most importantly it’s free. The game has zombies that can be shot with weapons you acquire while playing, or melee attacked if your ammo runs out. Game download will bring a great fun.

Unlimited diamonds:

You are prepared for the zombie apocalypse, or at least you think so. You’ve got your bug-out bag stocked with supplies that will last you a week, and your survival tactics down to the T. But what about those times when you just need to blow off some steam? That’s where Dead Target Mod Apk comes in! With unlimited diamonds, it’s easy to shoot up zombies without worrying about running out of ammo or if they’re too hard for you.

3D graphics:

When it comes to graphics, this game does not disappoint either. The 3D models are realistic and so are the cutscenes, which only add to the excitement of the gameplay. The graphics are impressive with smooth controls. There are several missions with different objectives each time you play them so they don’t become too repetitive or boring.

Unlimited money:

In Dead Target Mod Apk, you can use real weapons to fight against zombies, complete missions and unlock different characters. One of the best features of this game is the fact that there are no in-app purchases. You can play as long as you want without needing to pay for anything as you get unlimited money for free.

Lethal weapons:

Game has weapons that are designed with precision, allowing players to take out their foes in style. The game allows players to customize their loadouts and make each weapon feel unique by adding attachments like scopes, grips and stocks. You can also add camouflage skins or camo patterns on all parts of the gun’s body.

Unlimited gold:

Every game has its own unique characters. Some are brave and fearless, some are sly and sneaky, and others may be powerful mages or engineers. But one thing is for certain; they all need gold to buy items in the game store. The problem is that after every round of gameplay, your character dies. You’re back at square one with no cash. But in Dead Target Mod, you get unlimited gold without having to spend any money on it whatsoever.

Pro Tips to play of Game

Game is the hottest shooting game on Android and you can play it for free. There are a lot of fun features in this game that will keep you entertained and coming back for more. Here we present some pro tips to play Dead Target mod without getting caught out by your enemies.

Start with single-player mode:

There are two modes of play- solo and multiplayer. If you’re new to the game, it’s recommended that you start off with single player mode because it allows for more time to learn how everything works before jumping into a live battlefield where your opponents will be shooting back at you.

Upgrade your game:

In Dead Target Apk, players can shoot their way through waves of zombies as they protect their bunker from being overrun. As time goes on, new types of enemies with varying abilities are introduced into the mix. You should upgrade your weapons on regular intervals with the coins you earned in game to excel further. This enables players to access better weaponry and armor as they progress further along in each mission.

Get power-ups:

You should also keep an eye out for any power ups along the way. These items can help turn things around when they’re not going so well! Some examples include: armor, grenades and sniper rifles. It’s important to know what each one does and how to use it at right time.

Get into prone position:

To successfully pull off the Dead Target Mod Apk, try crouching down into prone position while facing away from zombies at an angle where they won’t see your head poking out (the back corner works great). Once they’ve lost interest, turn around and attack!

Join Battle Pass:

Although there are many players who enjoy the game for its adrenaline-pumping action, others have found it difficult to progress past level 10 because of the lack of time they have to play it. This is where Battle Pass comes in handy. It’s a way for gamers to pay for an additional package that will give them access to more levels and new weapons without having to wait through ten hours of gameplay.

Download Dead Target MOD APK for Android

The zombies are relentless so you need to be too! With this game, you’ll have unlimited ammo, free upgrades on all your guns, and no more pesky loading screens or ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Dead Target mod apk offline?

Yes. This game can be played both online and offline. After you’ve downloaded the game, all of the weapons, skins, and upgrades are accessible on your device.

How can I get game Redemption Code?

The Dead Target mod apk redeem code is an in-game currency that is used to exchange rewards, such as gold or money. When you sign up for events on the game’s official Facebook fan page, you have a chance of obtaining the redemption codes and presents.

Is Dead Target MOD APK is safe to download?

Yes. It is safe and secure. Download now to find out why everyone loves this app!

In Dead Target mod apk, how many missions are there?

Game has an infinite number of missions, ranks, and levels. As a result, make every effort to advance in the game. However, keep in mind that you will need to upgrade your weapons as the challenge increases on each mission.

What's new

Dear survivals,

What's we give to you in this update:
- New Battle Pass event: Atlantis
- New missions 131 - 145
- Improve zombie behavior
- Improve game performance
- Fix minor bugs

Thanks for your supports and enjoy our game.


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